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4x4 Snorkels

Improve your Vehicles Performance & Efficiency with a 4x4 Snorkel

A 4x4 snorkel is an essential add-on to any 4WD and if you're not using one you’re very likely causing your vehicles engine unnecessary stress, and you'll unfortunately end up paying for it later. 

Snorkels are not just for off-road use. You've probably noticed many large trucks have snorkels, and they're usually not going off-road. This is primarily because dusty air is at its densest the lower it is to the ground. 


Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of having an snorkel attached to your fourby (be honest, they just look cool!) there are a number of other really important reasons to have one.

There are three primary benefits of using an 4WD Snorkel that directly impact the performance of your vehicle.

1. Improved engine performance

Understandably air that is taken in from within the engine bay is typically hot and full of dust, grease and dirt particles. Regardless of whether you’re driving in the city, suburbs or off-road a snorkel can improve the efficiency of your engine by pulling in clean, cool air, meaning more power and better performance.

2. Prevention of dirt and dust from clogging the engine

Similar to you, your engine also requires a mixture of oxygen and fuel to run. If that oxygen is low quality and full of dust and dirt it’ll wreak havoc on the internals of your motor and cause problems. Keep it clean.

3. Better fuel efficiency

As the snorkel will be installed at roof height it will be taking in cooler, cleaner air than that from your engine bay. This means less dust, water and other Microparticles will be entering your motor, and will increase the fuel efficiency while allowing your air filters to remain clean.

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    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Very good. Email updates were adequate and articulate.

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