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Never get Lost Again with our Range of Offroad GPS Systems

Not all navigation units are made equal, especially if you're looking to explore the more remote parts of this beautiful country. So what's the difference between your typical on-road GPS and an offroad GPS? It's all in the mapping data.

With a traditional on-road GPS unit it will provide you with turn by turn directions, but not much else. And while that's fine for standard city driving, when you're out in the high country you often need a little more information to help you along your route.

With off-road GPS you are typically provided actual topographical information that allows one to navigate based on what's around you, and read the terrain as if you were reading an old paper map. This makes every bit of difference and will make your trip that much more enjoyable (not to mention stress-free).

Most offroad GPS units will be more than sufficient on-road GPSs too, so really you're getting the best of both worlds.

4x4 Down Under stocks a wide range of the best 4x4 GPS units for 4WD's, trucks, utes and traditional cars. Most of these models can cater to both the outback explorer and city dweller. Look to VMS4x4 for an Australian made brand of superb in-dash and portable GPS units for your next bush adventure, as well as big favourites like Hema and Garmin

We also stock a number of Garmin hiking GPS units for when you're out on foot! These tough, compact and lightweight navigators will ensure you always know where you are and don't run into any trouble.

Using the filters to your left, select from either a GPS that is built into your dashboard/console, or a portable unit. Or select the make of vehicle you have and see what's available for in-dash GPS installation. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out. We'd be happy to help!

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