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Please Read This After You Have Purchased Your Winch

The following supplementary guide has been provided by Runva Performance Winches and is directed at customers who have purchased the EWV12000 Ultimate, the 11XP Premium or the 13XP Premium winches.

You can download a printable version of this by clicking here.


Please make sure your battery is in good condition and no smaller than 750CCA. Using a battery smaller than this could cause damage to your winch motor or solenoid and void your warranty.


If you need to rotate your gearbox please follow the instructions included, or click here.


Bolt the winch into your winch bar or other winch rated plate as per that manufacturer instructions. If you are using a torque wrench: 11XP/11XS/13XP/EWS = 40N.m EWB20000 = 70N.m


Your winch motor has clearly marked colour coded insulators on all the terminals for easy wiring. Simply attach the corresponding colour leads to the corresponding terminals. The two longer 1.8M leads supplied are your main power leads.

The long red power lead that runs from the control box connects to one of the terminals on the isolator switch.

Make sure you connect the earth lead from the winch motor directly to the negative terminal on your vehicle battery. Connecting it to the chassis instead of to the battery could cause damage to your winch motor or solenoid and void your warranty. The thin black cable from the control box attaches to the same terminal on the winch motor as the main earth lead.


The winch package you received is supplied with a power isolating switch and easy to use mounting bracket. With the main red power cable now attached to one of the terminals on the isolator (as described on point 4), the shorter 30cm power lead connects to the other terminal on the isolator and then to the battery positive terminal. With the key in and turned on, the power to the winch is live. When the key is turned to the off position all power is cut off.

The isolator must be installed. The switch must remain in the OFF position with key removed until you need to use your winch. Store the key securely in your vehicle.


Your winch is supplied with a 2in1 control box mounting bracket system (for mounting the control box on top of the winch) as well as a winch bar angled mounting bracket.

2in1 Bracket for Mounting the Control Box to the Winch Itself
Bullbar Bracket for Mounting Control Box to a Winch Bar


Your winch rope is secured into the drum with an aluminium crimp. This crimp is held in place with a grub screw. If you are walking the rope out make sure not to pull it all the way out with too much force as this could cause the rope to separate from the crimp. (They are well secured but with enough force it will come out) If you are taking the rope off for any reason, don’t forget to undo the grub screw first before trying to pull the crimp out of the drum. (This applies to synthetic rope and also steel cable).

When using the winch, a minimum of 5 tightly wrapped turns of cable/rope must remain on the drum before winching any load. 

Using Your Winch 

The winch is for intermittent use only. Allow the motor to cool between pulls if required. Make sure you use the correct recovery equipment and recovery techniques. 

Basic Maintenance

Make sure you run your winch cable/rope in and out at least once, every 4 - 6 weeks. Failure to do this will void your warranty. Winches do not like to sit unused for long periods of time. Also check that all connections on the winch motor is clean and tight. Refer to our website for full maintenance instructions. 

Extending Your Power Leads 

You can replace your power leads with longer ones if required for your setup. Make sure to also increase the diameter of the lead to avoid damaging your winch. 

Hiding Your Control Box 

If you choose to hide your control box we can supply a remote extension plug so you can still use your handheld remote. Please visit our website for more information.