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Runva Winch Gearbox Rotation Guide

For the Runva Premium Series 11XP / 13XP / EWB20000 / EWS10000 Winches

There are many reasons why one might need to rotate their winches gearbox. Depending on the space available inside your bullbar's winch cavity and your engine, you may find that without adjusting the gearbox you aren't able to reach the clutch lever.

Rotating the gearbox of the 11XP Premium, 13XP Premium, EWB20000 and EWS10000 is simple. Follow the 3 simple steps in the guide from Runva below, and you'll be ready to go in no time.

Download the printable version here.

Step 1

Remove the bolts from the gearbox housing.


Do not separate the gearbox like shown on the right side. Keep pressure on the housing and simply rotate while making contact with the other part of the gearbox which is still attached to the winch.

Step 2

Rotate the gearbox anti-clockwise. Each bolt hole represents a 45 degree rotation.

Step 3 

Place the 8 bolts back into the gearbox housing and tighten.