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The Difference Between Runva's Most Popular Winches


Updated September 2023. This article has been updated to include details about Runva's upgraded 11XP Premium Red Edition Winch and the EWL12000. 

Anybody doing research into reliable 4WD winches would have come across the Runva Performance Winches brand. They've been serving the off-road vehicle market globally for close on 30 years now by providing high quality recovery equipment at fair prices. Based on their great reputation in the market it's easy to see why many buyers will end up with a Runva winch on their shopping list, unfortunately though, that's just the first step. It can get a little tougher deciding exactly which of their 12 volt winches is right for the vehicle at hand. And that's where this short guide comes in.

While Runva have a wide range of winches ranging from smaller ATV models up to the big hydraulic truck winches, we're going to focus on three of their most popular 4x4 winches and the differences between each one:

These three 4WD winches are easily the most popular of their range, and suit a very wide range of off-road vehicles. And while the differences between the three are minimal, they are worth considering.

This article assumes you're after a Runva winch specifically and know more or less which size you need. If on the other hand you're not sure exactly what winch you should be looking at, or whether you even need a 4x4 winch please head over to our more comprehensive guide on Choosing the Best Winch for your Vehicle here.


  • Introduction
  • Shared Features
  • Integrated Gearbox and Braking System
  • Fully IP67 Rated
  • Rotatable Gearbox
  • Extras
  • Runva Warranty
  • Runva EWV12000 ULTIMATE 12V 4x4 Winch
  • Who's the EWV12000 Ultimate for?
  • 4x4 Winch Speed
  • Runva 11XP Premium 12v 4x4 Winch
  • The 11XP Premium - Tough and Fast
  • The Runva 13XP Premium 12v 4x4 Winch
  • Comparison Table
  • Honourable Mention - Runva's EWL12000
  • Conclusion


Before we dive into the three winch models and their differences, let's first go through the features common to all three. When considering a purchase it's important to consider not just the winch, but any of the parts and accessories that will be required to run the winch. Not all winches come with everything necessary to get them spinning. Often you'll need to purchase various accessories after the fact, whether it's isolator switch, winch rope or mounting bolts. Make sure you check what's included (or more importantly, what's not included) prior to purchase.

Runva winches are great not just because they make excellent winches, but because for the most part, their winch kits come with everything you'll need to get your winch installed and running, straight out the box. 

Included with all of these winch kits you'll get:

  • Winch and Winch Motor
  • 11mm x 26.5m of Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Winch Control Box and Cables
  • Waterproof Solenoid
  • Power Isolator Switch and Bracket
  • Runva's new 2-in-1 Standard/Offset Aluminium Hawse Fairlead
  • Mounting hardware


All three of these 4WD winches include Runva's newly design integrated gearbox and braking system. With the brakes now located inside the gearbox (not the drum) the winch rope is no longer exposed to the heat as it is in a more traditional winch design. This can often lead to rope damage and compromise the overall integrity of the rope and winch.

FULLY IP67 Rated

All three winches are fully IP67 Rated too. What does IP67 rated mean? The IP rating of a winch (or any item really) is a technical term that indicates how water resistant the winch is. Without going into great detail an IP67 rating means the item is waterproof up to 1m below the surface and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. An IP66 rating means it’s resistant to heavy showers or spraying and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. Due to the nature of a winch and the fact that it’s very purpose is to get dirty and most likely wet, always look for a high IP rating. Generally IP66 and above is good.


Depending on how you plan to install your winch, you might want or need to adjust the position of the clutch lever. All of the winches in this article include the ability to rotate the gearbox on the winch, so you can position the clutch lever in such a way that it's easily accessible and out of the way.


The three winch kits all include some really great extras: 

If you go with the 11XP or 13XP Premium you'll also receive a free 15,000lb rated Snatch Block

They all also include a couple of other little surprises in the kits which we won't list here. Nothing amazing, but pretty cool nonetheless.


Finally all Runva winches include their excellent 5 year electrical warranty (covering all electrical components of the winch), and a lifetime mechanical warranty. Runva also have service agents across Australia should you need help with a repair or service. View the full Runva Warranty here.

That about covers the similarities. Now let's dig into some of their differences and how they might affect your choice in the best Runva winch for you.

Meet the newest in the pack - The Runva EWV12000 Ultimate 12v 4x4 Winch

We'll start with the EWV12000 for a number of reasons. It packs heaps of muscle, comes with a load of extras in the box, is fully IP67 rated and it's price point vs value ratio is unbeatable. With it's 12,000lb's (5.36 tons) of line pull it can handle just about any standard off-road vehicle weight and then some. 

Runva EWV12000 Highlight Specs

  • Rated Line Pull: 12,000lb (5,443kg)
  • Winch Motor: Series Wound (12V) 4.0KW/5.4HP
  • Gear Ratio: 253:1
  • Weight: Aprox. 33kg (winch alone incl rope = 25kg)
  • Winch Dimensions: 553.5mm x 160mm x 200mm

Who's the EWV12000 Ultimate for?

So who's the EWV12000 for? It's a great winch for the entry level off-road enthusiast and occasional explorer who likes going off-road but generally will avoid any track too difficult or perilous. It's for the I doubt I'll get stuck one day but if I do I want a good quality winch to get me out drivers.

Of course there are cheaper winch options available (such as the EWL12000) but if you're looking for a winch that has all the bells and whistles of the 11XP and the 13XP, such as the IP67 rating, and the extra accessories, then this is the one for you. 

Winch Size

The EWV12000 comes in a nice compact profile as is physically smaller than its counterparts. While it shares the same height and width of the 11XP and 13XP, it comes in a full 48.5mm shorter than the 13XP and a comfortable 20.5mm shorter than the 11XP. 

The smaller size is ideal for vehicles that have limited space in their bar or cradle, but would still like the strength of a 12000lb winch.

4x4 Winch Speed

The only real caveat with the EWV12000 is the line pull speed of the winch. It's a fair bit slower than it's counterparts and this can put a lot of buyers off. If you're a driver who goes out with the family or his/her friends often and isn't scared to go exploring the more hazardous tracks, and most importantly, expects to get stuck often then the EWV12000 probably isn't for you. 

Winch speed can be an important factor and the gear ratio on the EWV12000 doesn't allow it much in the way of quick pulling. On the other hand, if you're after a high quality 12 volt winch in the unlikely event that you do get bogged, and know that speed won't be an issue, then this is a fantastic model. 

Moving onto the next in line - The Runva 11XP Premium 12v Winch

The 11XP Premium is the glory child of the Runva 4x4 winch family and easily the most popular Runva winch on the market. It's strong, fast and like the EWV above, comes with a heap of extras. To be fair, it really should be the goto winch for anybody who's serious about their recovery gear and wants to ensure they're covered regardless of the situation they end up in. It's fully IP67 rated, it's quick, it's got a solid 11,000lb's (4.91 tons) of line pull strength and boy can this winch can take a beating. 

UPDATE: Runva recently released their upgraded model of the 11XP, called the 11XP Premium Red Edition. We haven't included it in this breakdown as it's still new to the market and we've yet to get honest user feedback about it. The upgrade can primarily be found in the new 3-stage clutch and lever, double braided rope and tie bars. It looks great and we have no doubt it's going to be a hit. Once we have more feedback we'll be sure to include it here.

Click here to view the Runva 11XP Premium Red Edition Winch.

Runva 11XP Premium Highlight Specs

  • Rated Line Pull: 11,000lb (4,990kg)
  • Winch Motor: Series Wound (12V) 5.0kW/6.7HP
  • Gear Ratio: 228:1
  • Weight: Aprox. 31.4kg (winch alone incl rope = 24.6kg)
  • Winch Dimensions: 574mm x 160mm x 200mm

The 11XP Premium - Tough and Fast

There's a number of videos online of people putting this winch through the ringer. One such video (see below) shows a guy pulling his Landy up an almost vertical cliff face just cause he thought he'd try. It's also a standard size and fits into pretty much any winch compatible bull bar on the market. 

Where the EWV12000 is a slow and steady wins the race kind of 4wd winch, the 11XP Premium takes the quick and aggressive approach. It's lower gear ratio means it comes with a faster line pull speed to recover your vehicle quickly and have you moving again in no time. 

runva 11xp premium winch specifications

Whereas the EWV12000 and the 13XP Premium winches come with a more traditional Winch Hook, the 11XP Premium comes with their new winch shackle thimble.
As with all the models listed here the 11XP Premium kit includes 2 remote controls, one heavy duty handheld wired controller, and Runva's new IP67 rated red wireless remote control. It also includes a snatch block in the kit (which is not included with the EWV12000).

Now onto the big guy - The Runva 13XP Premium 12v Winch

If you're driving a big vehicle and/or carrying a lot of gear or even a trailer, the 13XP Premium is going to be your winch of choice. This is the heavy lifter of the gang and comes with a very respectable 13,000lbs (5.8 tons) of pulling strength. 

Runva 13XP Premium Highlight Specs

  • Rated Line Pull: 13,000lb (5,897kg)
  • Winch Motor: Series Wound (12V) 5.6kW/7.6HP
  • Gear Ratio: 228:1
  • Weight: Aprox. 35kg (winch alone incl rope = 27kg)
  • Winch Dimensions: 602mm x 160mm x 200mm

Due to it's larger motor it's also a physically larger winch than normal. We always recommend that customers confirm it will fit their bull bar prior to purchase. This can be done by comparing the dimensions of the winch to the winch cavity in your bar. There's also the following guide to help you work it out.

Much like the 11XP, the 13XP is pretty fast and will get you (or your mates) out of trouble quickly when the time comes. As opposed to the 11XP which comes with grey dyneema winch rope and the winch shackle thimble, the 13XP comes with red dyneema rope and the more traditional large red recovery hook. Which you prefer really boils down to personal preference.

At a Glance

LINE PULL CAPACITY12,000lb / 5,443kg11,000lb / 4,989kg 13,000lb / 5,897kg 
MOTORSeries Wound (12V) 4.0KW/5.4HPSeries Wound (12V) 5.0kW/6.7HPSeries Wound (12V) 5.6kW/7.6HP
GEAR RATIO253:1228:1228:1
CLUTCH TYPESliding Ring GearStainless Steel Rotary ClutchStainless Steel Rotary Clutch
CLUTCH HANDLE POSITIONGearbox can be rotatedGearbox can be rotatedGearbox can be rotated
BRAKEAutomatic ratchet load holding in the gearboxAutomatic ratchet load holding in the gearboxAutomatic ratchet load holding in the gearbox
DRUM SIZE63mm x 223mm63mm x 217mm63mm x 217mm
OVERALL DIMENSIONS553.5mm x 160mm x 200mm574mm X 160mm X 200mm602mm X 160mm X 200mm
WINCH WEIGHTAprox. 33kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. 25kg)Aprox. 31.4kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. 24.6kg)Aprox. 35kg (winch alone incl rope = Aprox. 27kg)

Honourable Mention - Runva's EWL12000 12v Winch

While the top three winches are Runva's most popular models, we feel it only right to throw one more contender in there, that isn't far behind the pack. Runva's EWL12000 12v 4x4 Winch. While this model appears to be fairly barebones, it's developed a reputation of being an affordable, tough and resilient power house. While it doesn't have a lot of the polish, attitude and extras that the EWV, 11XP and 13XP have, it makes up for in being a what you see if what you get reliable recovery machine. 

With a price point below $800, and with 12,000lb of line pull it's a simple but efficient winch that will have your back should the need arise. 


The price difference between the three winches above is fairly negligible. When you're in the $900 price range for a winch, an extra $30 to $50 more shouldn't be a deal breaker and so we generally suggest that if your bar can take the extra size of the 13XP, and you want that extra bit of security (strength-wise), we recommend it. 

On the other hand, if you're after a sleek but serious winch that has stood the test of time and is loved by thousands of off-road enthusiasts, the 11XP is the way to go. It may not be the physically strongest, but it's nevertheless a brilliant piece of equipment. And remember, you always have the beloved double line-pull should you need that extra muscle 😉.

And last but not least, the EWV12000 Ultimate is a great all round winch for the casual off-road explorer. It's strong, reliable and in a price bracket that shouldn't hurt the wallet too much. 

Whatever you decide you can rest assured that you're in good hands with Runva. Their warranty and support are excellent via easy to reach support and assistance should you ever need it.

We hope the above has been helpful. As always if you'd like to talk through your options feel free to get in contact. We'd be happy to have a chat and help however we can.