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Saber Offroad 8K Ultimate Recovery Kit

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The Perfect Recovery Kit From Saber Offroad

The perfect recovery kit for kinetic rope (like a snatch strap, but with 50% more stretch) and winch recoveries in mid-weight vehicles including Toyota Hilux and Prado, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and similar 4wd vehicles.

The 8K Ultimate Recovery Kit is one of safest recovery kits on the market today. Rated at 8,200 kg, it includes the Kinetic Recovery Rope and Bag, two 12,000 kg HDX SaberPro Soft Shackles, a 13,000 kg 5M Tree Trunk Protector, a 9,500KG Black SaberPro Winch Extension Rope with Bound Eyes, a Ezy-Glide 12,000kg MBS Blue Recovery Ring & Bag, a 18,000kg SaberPro Soft Shackle with Sheath, a Winch Damper, Recovery Gloves and an Ultimate Recovery Gear Bag.

The Ultimate Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 9M 8,200KG Kinetic Recovery Rope & Bag
  • 2 x 12,000KG HDX SaberPro Soft Shackles
  • 1 x 13,000KG 5M Tree Trunk Protector
  • 1 x 20M, 9,500KG Black SaberPro Winch Extension Rope with Bound Eyes
  • 1 x Ezy-Glide 12,000kg WLL Blue Recovery Ring & Bag
  • 1 x 18,000kg SaberPro Soft Shackle with Sheath
  • 1 x Winch Damper
  • 1 x Recovery Gloves
  • 1 x Ultimate Recovery Gear Bag

The Kinetic Rope

The 8k Kinetic Recovery Rope from Saber Offroad, spanning 9 meters and boasting a robust 8,200kg capacity, stands out as a highly efficient tool for vehicle recovery. In contrast to conventional tow rope chains or snatch straps, the advantages of employing a kinetic recovery rope are unmistakable.

At the core of its effectiveness lies the remarkable stretching ability of this kinetic recovery rope. When subjected to load, it can stretch up to 30%, surpassing even the top snatch straps on the market by more than 50%. This significant elongation plays a crucial role in mitigating the abrupt shocks experienced during vehicle recovery, thereby reducing stress on both the vehicle and its occupants.

The kinetic recovery rope introduces a strategic element by allowing for some slack before initiating the recovery process. This deliberate slack enables the rope to build momentum, resulting in a higher pulling force—particularly beneficial in challenging terrains like deep sand, snow, or mud. The rope’s adept shock absorption capabilities enable it to stretch under tension and efficiently transfer the accumulated energy from the recovering vehicle to the one in need.

From a compliance standpoint, the Saber Offroad Kinetic Recovery Rope range has undergone rigorous testing in a NATA-accredited facility in Melbourne. Beyond product testing, it meets the necessary labeling requirements for full compliance with Australian sales standards. It’s worth emphasizing that not all kinetic ropes are created equal. Through meticulous testing against competitors and alternative manufacturers, Saber Offroad has reaffirmed the quality, design, and safety features of this exceptional rope range.

The Shackles

As an essential component of the Recovery Kit, Saber Offroad presents the 12,000KG HDX SaberPro Soft Shackles, including the12,000KG HDX SaberPro Soft Shackles and the 18,000kg Soft Shackles. Aligned with the overarching philosophy of Saber Offroad shackles, this product is meticulously crafted to provide a safer, stronger, lighter, and more user-friendly alternative to both soft and metal shackles.

Rigorously tested in a NATA accredited facility in Melbourne, Saber Offroad shackles consistently outperform many competitor products. The commitment to superior performance and safety is evident in the design and construction of these shackles.

When the Saber Offroad 12,000KG HDX Technora Bound Soft Shackle is combined with the 8,200kg Kinetic Recovery Rope, the result is a significantly safer recovery process. Instances of failure in unrated (and occasionally rated) metal shackles during recovery are prevalent, leading to extensive damage to vehicles and, more importantly, posing severe risks to individuals in and around the recovery scene. The strategic pairing of a well-matched, NATA-tested soft shackle and a kinetic recovery rope virtually eliminates these risks, ensuring a safer and more secure recovery operation.

The Winching Solutions

Featuring the market-leading Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring, along with the Tree Strap Protector and Winch Damper, the 8K Ultimate Recovery Kit is your comprehensive solution for tackling challenging situations. This all-inclusive kit replaces the need for bulky and potentially hazardous metal snatch blocks and bow shackles. 

Enter the 8K Ultimate Recovery Kit, a must-have for those seeking a reliable recovery solution. With a kinetic rope offering 50% more stretch than the top snatch straps in the market, and complemented by two world-class soft shackles, this kit is essential for handling demanding recovery scenarios.

  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Bag Dimensions: 460mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 150mm (H)

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