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Runva Performance Winches Warranty Policy

Herein the terms “us”, “we”, “Runva” or “Runva Winches” refer to Element Wholesale PTY Limited
PLEASE NOTE: Runva Winches do not cover any installation and or removal costs associated withwarranty claims.
BEFORE MAKING A CLAIM: Please follow our troubleshooting guide as the problem might be very simple to fix. If you are unable to fix the issue, or have found the cause of the problem please get in touch with us about making a warranty claim.


Runva offer a 5 Year Electrical and Limited Lifetime Mechanical warranty to the original purchaser of the winch. This warranty only applies to winches used for recreational purposes. (Commercial use winches carry an 18 month warranty). The warranty covers against manufacturing defects only. This excludes brake pads, seals and any other items (full list below) which are considered consumable, or parts which will naturally wear out, or deteriorate during normal product use. The warranty will however apply if the fault is directly related to a manufacturing issue rather than just normal wear and tear as deemed by us.

Runva does not cover any fees, charges or losses associated with removing or re-installing any products whether these items are covered under warranty or not. The owner is solely responsible for all of these charges.

The winch must be maintained as per our Winch Maintenance Guide in order for the warranty to remain valid. Brake resets or general servicing is also not covered under warranty.


We believe in the engineering that have gone into our winches and therefore cover ingress as part of our warranty. This however only applies if the winch has been regularly serviced and maintained as per our guide. If no maintenance have been performed, or not to a regular satisfactory standard, we reserve the right to refuse warranty. (See Winch Maintenance Guide).

Winches that have had no maintenance as per our Winch Maintenance Guide will not be covered under warranty.


There are certain conditions which make the product not eligible for warranty consideration. They are as follows but not limited to the following:

• Winches returned in pieces will not be considered for warranty.
• Any item that has been involved in an accident will not qualify for warranty.
• Items damaged due to incorrect usage.
• Winches that have been modified or taken apart which directly resulted in product failure.
• Winches that show general abuse will not qualify for warranty.
• Winches that have been overloaded.
• Winches not purchased through our Authorised Australian dealer network. (You must retain your proof of purchase as without this we will not honour the warranty).
• Vehicles using batteries smaller than the recommended size (See below for more detail on this).
• Winches that have been incorrectly wired up or incorrectly fitted.
• Winches that do not have the supplied isolator switch (or similar) installed.
• Winches that have not been regularly serviced or maintained as per our guide. (See Winch Maintenance Guide).
• The warranty generally does not apply to the finish of the winch or related accessories. If there is however a clear manufacturing defect, we will consider this for warranty solely at our discretion.
• If you are not the original purchaser of the winch.
• Winches used in competition will generally not be covered under warranty unless prior approval given from us. (Parts which have failed as an obvious result of a manufacturing defect will however be considered under the normal warranty).


A battery no smaller than 750CCA is required for our 4X4 Electric Series Winches. There are some exclusions, the following models require a battery 1000CCA or larger:

• EWX9500-Q EVO
• EWS10000

Using a battery that is too small to power your winch can result in motor, solenoid and or isolator failure. If a battery that is too small was used and is a direct result of the product failing if deemed so by us, the warranty will be void.

If you are running your winch off a free-standing battery not being charged constantly like it would be in a vehicle, the battery size would need to increase accordingly. We would recommend a deep cycle battery around 1000CCA depending on application. Make sure the battery is fully charged before each use.


These are the items which can wear out or deteriorate as part of normal use and therefore not considered warranty items. If however the failure is directly related to a manufacturing issue the warranty could apply if deemed so by us.

Some of these include:

• Motor brushes.
• Springs on brush holder.
• Seals, bushes and bearings.
• Synthetic Rope and Steel Cable.
• Batteries in the wireless remote.
• Brakes in the drum (brakes in the gearbox fall under normal mechanical warranty).
• Winch Cover.
• Straps.


This warranty only applies if all of the above conditions are met including use of the correct size battery, and maintenance as per our Winch Maintenance Guide.

• Winch Motor with the exception of the brushes and springs.
• Power cables, electrical wiring andelectrical connectors.
• Solenoid.
• Wireless Remote.
• Handheld Remote.
• Isolator Switch.


This warranty only applies if all of the above conditions are met including maintenance as per our Winch Maintenance Guide.

• Winch frame (Does not cover breakages caused by letting the rope over-spool on one side of the drum which then as a direct result damages the frame).
• Drum (apart from the brakes inside).
• Gearbox internals and clutch.
• Fairleads.
• Control box cover and base plate.
• Brackets to mount control box and isolator.
• Hooks, thimbles and shackles.
• Mounting bolts.
• Snatch Block.
• Mounting plate.



If items are required to be sent back to us for warranty inspection/replacement, the product owner is responsible for all associated freight charges. Freight for sending out replacement parts will also be charged even if the product is being supplied under warranty. We will endeavour to use the cheapest freight option available to us.


Please email us a copy of your invoice, full description of the fault and all relevant images so we can get working on this for you. Also include any of the troubleshooting tips you have tried to help eliminate potential issues faster.

This information has been provided directly from Runva and is subject to change. For the most up to date Warranty information please visit