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VMS VR 1500 Two-Way Hand-held Radio (Water resistant/dust proof)

by VMS

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VR 1500 Two-Way Hand-held Radio

VR 1500 is a high-end professional radio, which can effectively ensure users' communication privacy and personal safety with remote kill/stun/revive , auto contact, voice encryption and whisper and 4 types of safety protection. Its ergonomic design,unique channel nob design and various functions enable it to be extensively applied in public safety, fire-fighting, railway, forestry fire prevention, construction industry, ports and mining.
Remote Kill/Stun/Revive
The VR 1500 provides enhanced security to stop unauthorized users by remote inhibition of either transmit or both transmit and receive. The inhibited radios will return to normal operation when receiving a revise signal.

4 Types of Safety Protection
The VR 1500 provides 4 types of safety protection: lone worker, safety check, emergency alert and man down (optional).

Lone Worker
This function provides security for individuals who work remotely from their members. If the user does not respond to indication tone, the pre-defined emergency procedure will be activated if pre-defined time expires.

Safety Check
If the user does not respond to safety check signal, the pre-defined emergency procedure will be activated. Emergency Alert: Press the preset emergency key to emit emergency alarm, or secretly send _ENI or background noise to pre-defined person or dispatch center.

Man Down  (Optional)
A pre-defined emergency procedure will be activated if the radio is horizontally or inversely positioned in a certain period when the man down function is on. To cancel the alert, user has to place the radio vertically.

Auto Contact
This function is helpful for situations which require close communication, such as climbing, exploration and rescuing. The radio beeps when the user is being out of communication range when th is function is ON.

Voice Encryption
This function provides communication security against eavesdropping.

This function can be enabled in quiet environment and allows you to speak quietly into the radio and still be heard clearly.

Voice Compandor
This function improves the audio quality by reducing noise and amplifying the audio if the voice is low.

6 Signaling
CTCSS/ CDCSS, DTMF, 2 Tone, 5 Tone, QDC1200 are optional in order to adapt to different systems around the world. Individual call, group call, monitor and remote kill/stun/revive could be realized by 5 Tone I QDC1200 signaling. And QDC1200 is compatible with MDC1200 signaling.

PTT I D Encode/Decode
The VR 1500 provides identification of radio to control center or partners through this function. It simplifies the way of communication and management.

25.0 KHz/20 KHz/12.5 KHz Switch
The VR 1500 has different channel spacing 25.0 KHz/20KHz/12.5 KHz, which are optional to confirm with the regulations of different countries.

High/Middle/Low Power Switchable
The radio can be switchable for both low power, middle power and high power. When talk range is small, the radio can be switched to low or middle power to save battery.

Announce Battery Power
Press the function key and you will hear the current battery power state.

Channel Announcement
This function enables the radio to announce the current channel. It is usefuI for users are working in dark environment.

Hands-free operation is available when VOX function is turned ON.

Embedded Information
This function allows you to write operating records such as serial number, user information, repair information into the radio.

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Hey Zarik. Thanks for the great feedback! National Luna's battery box is definitely a winner.

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Product Quality:
Product Review: Excellent
Service Experience:
Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Absolutely excellent. Postage was less than 24hrs
4x4 downunder

Unbelievably great service from a great bunch of guys. Wouldn’t hesitate purchasing form then again. Couldn’t be happier 👍👍👍👍

Thanks so much Luke! We really appreciate your feedback!