Runva 11XP TF PREMIUM 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope - full IP67 protection

by Runva
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Runva 11XP TF PREMIUM 12V with Synthetic Rope

This model features the newly designed gearbox with integrated ratchet braking system. The ENTIRE winch is protected by an IP67 rating.

The only difference between the 11XP Premium model and this TF model is the built in control box on the TF. The solenoid itself is identical, it is only the cover itself that is larger. If it's being installed on a winch bar we would recommend the standard 11XP Premium.


  • Complete winch with 11mm x 26.5m Dyneema Rope
  • Built in Control box (100% waterproof 600A solenoid)
  • Plug-in remote + wireless remote
  • Shackle Thimble + bonus shackle
  • Mounting Bolts
  • Black Aluminium Hawse Fairlead
  • Power isolator switch + mounting bracket
  • Cover

Runva 11XP TF PREMIUM 12V Winch Specifications

  • Rated Line Pull 11000lb (4990kg)
  • Motor - Series Wound (12V) 4.9kW/6.5HP - IP67 Rated
  • Gear Train Full Steel 3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear Ratio 228:1
  • Brake Automatic Rachet Load Holding in the gearbox
  • Synthetic Rope 11mm x 26.5m
  • Drum Size 63mm x 223m
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm
  • Overall Dimensions 574mm x 160mm x 247.50mm
  • Remote Control 3.7m Handheld Remote/Wireless Remote
  • Battery Leads Included. 2 x 1.8m Heavy Duty Leads
  • Finish Black Powder Coat
  • Net Weight 31.4kg
  • Gross Weight 33.4kg (includes packaging)
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime (lifetime mechanical, 5 years electrical)

This model features a newly designed gearbox which also has an integrated brake system. The motor is IP67 rated and tested.


Does this Runva winch include everything I need for installation?

Unless you're purchasing a specific part, or accessory, Runva winches come in packs ready for installation. This will typically include everything you require for a standard installation to get up and running (leads, bolts, control box, remotes, cable etc). This also includes setup instructions and manual.

Does the Runva warranty cover me for water damage?

Yes. The Runva warranty explicitly states: "Our warranty covers your winch against ingress of these elements under normal use. We do exclude the use of high pressure jets on the winch, please do not waterblast your winch.” 

How do I know if the winch will fit my vehicle?

While Runva’s winches are built to global standards and should fit 99% of winch compatible bull bars on the market, there is always the chance yours may be one of the few that it won’t fit. Please check the specifications of the winch, and compare with your vehicle and bar to confirm it will fit. Most of the winches include a blueprint diagram with the winches measurements. 

Note: ARB bull bars usually require an Offset Fairlead (click here to view). 

What’s the difference between the Runva 11XP Winch and the 11XP Premium?

The 11XP Premium is the upgraded version of the original Runva 11XP model. 

  • The 11XP Premium includes a new gearbox with integrated ratchet braking system. 
    The 11XP Premium is also entirely IP67 rated (the whole winch), where previously the original 11XP had only the motor IP67 rated. 
  • The 11XP Premium draws slightly less current from your battery at higher line pulls (see specs). 
  • The 11XP Premium also comes with a shackle thimble where the original included a clevis style safety hook.

What's the difference between the 11XP Premium and the 11XP Premium TF models?

The only difference between the Premium and the TF is the built in control box on the TF model. The solenoid itself is identical it is only the cover itself that is larger. If installing on a winch bar you need to use the 11XP Premium (not the TF).

What does the IP67 rating of a winch mean?

The IP rating of a winch (or any item really) is a technical term that indicates how water resistant the winch is. Without going into great detail an IP67 rating means the item is waterproof up to 1m below the surface and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. An IP66 rating means it’s resistant to heavy showers or spraying and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. Due to the nature of a winch and the fact that it’s very purpose is to get dirty and most likely wet, always look for a high IP rating, generally IP66 and above is good.

What battery do I need to run my winch?

The minimum battery size to run a 4x4 electric winch from is a 650CCA. A poor power supply could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor.

How often do I need to service my Runva winch?

We strongly recommend that you service your winch at least once a year especially if the winch is submerged quite often during use. Servicing your winch will help make it last for many years of trouble free use. If you are not able to service it yourself, any auto electrician or 4WD service agent will be able to do this.

If I need to how do I make a warranty claim?

The first step is to go through the Trouble Shoot Guide as the problem may be non-warranty related and easily resolved.

If you are still having problems you can make a warranty claim by emailing a copy of your receipt along with the full fault description to If you need any assistance with your warranty claim please reach out to us at 4x4 Down Under.