Bow Motor 2 - 12v - 8HP

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The Bow motor 2 Plus – 12V 8HP competiton winch motor can be universally fitted to most electric winches as long as the winch mounting can accommodate the motors additional length. Designed to provide high power & torque levels with incredible reliability & at a respectable price tag.

Replacing the outgoing Bow 3 motor, this motor is faster and more powerful than the Bow 2, and is a fantastic upgrade to any winch.

This motor has the standard 20 spline armature shaft, so is a direct replacement for most winches (please note – this motor is approximately 45mm longer than a standard winch motor, so please check the clearance in your winch mount first)

Currently only available in 12V.

NOT suitable for the Warn Ti Winches.

The Bow 2 motor has an ‘O’ ring seal on the end cap to waterproof it and we recommend sealing the F1, F2 and A terminals with silicone sealant upon fitment.

*NOTE* Bow motors will be damaged if you stall them. “Stall” is when the winch motor is still working (you can hear it) and the line is not moving – STOP WINCHING to save your motor.

Bow motors feature heavy duty copper armature windings, which are copper welded to the commutator, with highly efficient roller bearings at each end.

Four enormous long lasting brushes enable the motor to run cooler.

If fitting to the older Warn 8274 with a keyway type armature shaft, then you will also need to replace the pinion gear with the later type Splined Pinion Gear.

The Bow motor 2 Plus produces 8HP @ 6000RPM.