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Runva 11XP Premium 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope | Full IP67 protection

by Runva
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Runva's 11XP Premium Winch is a 5 ton/11,000lb electric 4x4 winch that has been engineered to take a beating in some of the harshest conditions around the world, and still keep running. It’s efficient, versatile, and reliable.

The 11XP is the little brother to the 13XP Premium, but no less of a beast. It features a newly designed ratchet braking system that's been integrated into the gearbox. With the brakes located inside the gearbox (not the drum) the winch rope is no longer exposed to the heat as it is in a more traditional winch design. This can often lead to rope damage and compromise the overall integrity of the rope and winch. 

Braking is now done via an automatic ratchet brake, not a friction brake so there’s no chance of slipping. Click here to view a video of the 11XP Premium braking system in action, it's wild! 


  • Complete winch with 11mm x 26.5m Dyneema Rope
  • Control box with cables + bracket for ease of fitting (100% waterproof 600A solenoid)
  • Heavy duty handheld remote control
  • New Wireless IP67 remote control
  • Shackle Thimble + bonus shackle
  • Mounting Bolts
  • New Black Aluminium Hybrid (offset/standard) Hawse Fairlead
  • Power isolator switch + mounting bracket
  • Runva Neoprene Winch Cover
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (5 years electrical & lifetime mechanical)


The entire 11XP Premium winch is IP67 rated, meaning it's almost entirely dust, dirt and water proof. Read more about IP ratings in the FAQ tab.


Equipment failure is the one thing that can outright wreck an otherwise awesome off-road adventure! 

A functioning winch can literally be the difference between getting home, or leaving your vehicle in the outback until such time that you can arrange a recovery. Don't risk reliability over price.

Runva Performance Winches have been in the winch game for decades, and have distributors on almost every continent, they know what they're doing. They also have on-the-ground Australian technical and warranty support (based in Brisbane) should you need it. 


This Runva winch is the go-to model for most off-road enthusiasts. As can be seen by the many 5 star reviews on our site, as well as a quick bit of Google research, this winch has proven itself again and again.


This 11XP Premium Winch kit includes everything required for a standard vehicle winch installation, and is the ideal model for most heavy duty 4x4 applications. 

It includes 26.5m of 11mm grey Dyneema Synthetic Rope, as well as a number of awesome extras such as a Runva 15,000lb rated snatch block, 2x remote controls (one heavy duty wired control and one IP67 rated wireless control), a rated bow shackle and shackle thimble, and even a power isolator switch and bracket.


    Runva 11XP PREMIUM 12V Winch Specifications

  • Rated Line Pull 11,000lb (4990kg)
  • Motor - Series Wound (12V) 4.9kW/6.5HP - IP67 Rated
  • Gear Train Full Steel 3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear Ratio 228:1
  • Brake Automatic Rachet Load Holding in the gearbox
  • Synthetic Rope 11mm x 26.5m
  • Drum Size 63mm x 223m
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern 254mm x 114.3mm
  • Overall Dimensions 574mm x 160mm x 200mm
  • Remote Control 3.7m Handheld Remote & Wireless IP67 Remote
  • Battery Leads Included. 2 x 1.8m Heavy Duty Leads
  • Finish Black Powder Coat
  • Net Weight 31.4kg
  • Gross Weight 33.4kg (includes packaging)
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime (5 Years Electrical, Lifetime Mechanical)

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Good value for money
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Great Service! Quick and easy!!
    Runva XP11 Premium 12V
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Good
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Awesome
    Product Quality:
    Service Experience:
    Runva 11xp
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Good quality, easy installation
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Good personalised service, dale was quick to respond. Good prices
    10/10 would recommend
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Awesome
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Great

    Does this Runva winch include everything I need for installation?

    Unless you're purchasing a specific part, or accessory, Runva winches come in packs ready for installation. This will typically include everything you require for a standard installation to get up and running (leads, bolts, control box, remotes, cable etc). This also includes setup instructions and manual.

    Does the Runva warranty cover me for water damage?

    Yes. The Runva warranty explicitly states: "Our warranty covers your winch against ingress of these elements under normal use. We do exclude the use of high pressure jets on the winch, please do not waterblast your winch.” 

    I have an ARB Bull Bar, will my winch fit?

    Installing a Runva winch into an ARB bull bar usually requires an offset fairlead. This is to ensure the rope can travel through the bar smoothly and without getting damaged. Click here to view the Runva Offset Fairlead
    It's also recommended that you check the weight rating of your bar and vehicle to ensure the winch weight doesn't exceed the bars weight requirement.

    How do I know if the winch will fit my vehicle?

    While Runva’s winches are built to global standards and should fit 99% of winch compatible bull bars on the market. Please check the specifications of the winch, and compare with your vehicle and bar to confirm it will fit. This includes weight rating, mounting bolt pattern and overall dimensions of the winch. Most of the winches include a blueprint diagram with the winches measurements. 
    Note: ARB bull bars usually require an Offset Fairlead (click here to view). 

    What’s the difference between the Runva EWX9500, the EWX9500-Q and the EWX9500-Q EVO winch?

    The difference between the three EWX9500 winches lies in their gear ratios. The EWX9500 is the entry level 9500lb winch. This winch has a gear ration of 230:1, while the EWX9500-Q has a lower gear ratio of 110:1, and the EVO (short for Evolution) has a extra low gear ration of 80:1. Simply put the lower the gear ratio the faster the winch. The -Q and EVO models are ideal for winching applications requiring pulling power with a little (or a lot) more speed.

    Click below to view:

    Runva EWX9500-Q Winch

    Runva EWX9500-Q EVO Winch

    Can I rotate the gearbox on the Runva EWX9500 Winch?

    Yes, the gearbox can be rotated on all EWX Winch models, as well as all 11XP Winch models.

    What does the IP67 rating of a winch mean?

    The IP rating of a winch (or any item really) is a technical term that indicates how water resistant the winch is. Without going into great detail an IP67 rating means the item is waterproof up to 1m below the surface and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. An IP66 rating means it’s resistant to heavy showers or spraying and entirely sealed from dust and dirt. Due to the nature of a winch and the fact that it’s very purpose is to get dirty and most likely wet, always look for a high IP rating, generally IP66 and above is good.

    What battery do I need to run my winch?

    The minimum battery size to run a 4x4 electric winch from is a 650CCA. A poor power supply could prevent your winch from working and could also cause damage to the winch motor.

    I want to install a Runva 11XP Winch on my D40 Navara with XROX Bullbar, do I need an offset fairlead?

    Yes. This bar will require an offset fairlead. Click here to view the 2in1 fairlead.

    Can both the 11XP or 13XP Premium winches can have the solenoid box fitted inside an ARB bar on a Hilux SR5 2017?

    The Runva 11XP and the 13XP Premium Winches are supplied with a bracket kit which allows you to mount the control in 3 different positions. There should be a way to hide the control box if required and if you find this can’t be hidden in the bar itself we have had previous customers extend the control box cables and remote mount this under the bonnet.

    What are the Runva 9.5XS and 11XS Compact Winches for?

    The Runva 9.5XS and 11XS are compact winches, which means they have a smaller size profile than a traditional 4x4 winch. They're primarily designed for use as large boat trailer winches. They won't fit most standard bull bars. Please check and confirm mounting bolt pattern and overall dimensions prior to purchase and installation.

    How often do I need to service my Runva winch?

    We strongly recommend that you service your winch at least once a year especially if the winch is submerged quite often during use. Servicing your winch will help make it last for many years of trouble free use. If you are not able to service it yourself, any auto electrician or 4WD service agent will be able to do this.

    How do I make a warranty claim?

    The first step is to go through the Trouble Shoot Guide as the problem may be non-warranty related and easily resolved.

    If you are still having problems you can make a warranty claim by emailing a copy of your receipt along with the full fault description to If you need any assistance with your warranty claim please reach out to us at 4x4 Down Under, we're here to help.

    Why Choose a Runva Winch? 

    Runva is a large international brand with an extensive distributor network set up in over 50 countries. Pioneers in winch manufacturing, the factory was established in 1997. Runva was the first professional winch manufacturer in China which has earned them a wealth of knowledge and experience. The large 36,000m2 factory is equipped with its own advanced Research and Development centre for careful testing and product development.

    All winches are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines. With nearly 20 years experience in winch manufacturing Runva is the brand that can offer your customer a reliable winch solution.

    A lot of other new brands which are surfacing around Australia claim to be reliable and the toughest on the market. Unfortunately you can't accurately make that statement until your product has been used for many years by thousands of happy customers. Runva can confidently say that their brand is well and truly tested and proven to be reliable.

    Runva is known for

    • Extremely low product failure rate
    • Constant research and development for product improvement
    • You know the brand you are buying, not just another cheap rebranded winch
    • Reputation for excellent service
    • Huge product range
    • One of the first companies to offer a 5 Year Electrical and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
    • Water ingress is NOT excluded from the warranty. (Some conditions apply)
    • 20 Years of Winch Manufacturing Experience
    • Loved by thousands of users worldwide

    Some of Runva's product certifications include:

    ROHS, ISO9001:2000, CE, EWN14492-1, IP67, TUV

    Why Shop at 4x4 Down Under?

    We know that you have a lot of options out there, and we’re incredibly grateful that you’re considering spending your hard earned money with us. We like to think we stand out from the crowd in a few ways.

    Excellent & Honest Service

    We try and provide the best pre and after sales service possible. If you have a question we’re here to help, and if we don’t know the answer we’ll tell you and then do our absolute best to find the answer for you. We’re also here to guide you to the best possible outcome for you. A lot of stores will simply try to up-sell you on the most expensive option. That’s not how we operate. We want to build a relationship with our customers, and the only way to do that is by being honest and direct.
    4x4 Down Under is built on honesty and integrity. For example when you make a purchase with us we only charge your account once we confirm the product is ready for dispatch.
    Although we like to guarantee everything on our store is available we’re not perfect and mistakes do happen. If something turns out to not be available we’ll let you know immediately and you have the option to cancel your order or wait for more stock to arrive. Should you not want to wait the order is voided, and there’s no waiting a week to get your money back (it’s instant!).

    No Sales Gimmicks 

    When you shop at 4x4 Down Under you don’t have to worry about:
    • Annoying and dishonest ’Sales Timers’ that simply reset every few hours and are there to coerce you into buying.
    • Dishonest “low stock” labels, another coercive sales gimmick.
    • False “John just bought a…” alerts. Our customer alerts (bottom left) are 100% true and we're proud of them.
    • Being bombarded by trust badges and labels everywhere you look that mean nothing. 
    • We don't spam! Your information is safe with us. It will never be shared or sold, or used to fill your inbox with garbage.

    High Quality Products & Free Shipping

    Aside from the above we also offer free shipping to almost everywhere in Australia, have a great range of high quality products at excellent prices and LOVE what we do! If you still have any doubts feel free to give us a call on 1300 76 86 41, or contact us here. We'd love to hear from you.

    Runva Warranty & Returns

    Runva Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Runva offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the winch. The winch can have only been used as a recreational recovery winch. The limited lifetime warranty covers against manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials on all mechanical components. Electrical components consisting of motors, solenoids, wiring, remotes, wire connectors and associated parts have a limited five (5) year warranty. Steel cable and Synthetic Winch rope have no applicable warranty after initial use, unless specified otherwise by Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited (this will be at the discretion of Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited).

    The warranty does not apply to the finish of the winch, normal wear and tear, and/or if the winch has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, collision, overloading, modification, misapplications, improper installation or improper service.

    The owner will be responsible for removing the winch and returning it to an approved Runva service agent. All freight charges to and from the repair agent must be paid for by the owner. If the fault is found to be covered under warranty we will send the winch back to the owner at our expense. Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited will not be liable for any installation costs.

    At times it may be quicker to simply send out a part that is required to fix an issue, whether under warranty or not. If the problem is deemed to be covered under waranty we will cover the freight to send the required parts out.Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited will repair or replace any or all winch parts, which after inspection are determined to be defective and deemed under warranty. Runva electric winches are intended for recreational self-recovery usage only.The warranty will be void if the winch is used in commercial or industrial applications.

    Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited will not be liable for any installation or removal fees, whether or not the winch is under warranty. The owner must pay for all freight charges relating to the warranty claim unless we agree to cover it.

    Warranty Exclusions

    There are certain conditions that make the winch not eligible for warranty consideration. They are as follows but not limited to the following. We try and make all warranty claims quick and easy.

    • Winches returned in pieces will not be considered for warranty.

    • Any item that has been involved in an accident will not qualify for warranty.

    • Winches that have been modified or taken apart which resulted in product failure.

    • Winches that show general abuse will not qualify for warranty.

    • If the winch was not purchased through our Authorised Australian dealer network.

    • Vehicles using batteries smaller than the recommended size for a specific model winch.

    • Winches that have been incorrectly wired up.

    Ingress of water, mud and dust

    Runva believe that winches are designed to be used off-road and therefore could be exposed to water, mud, dust or snow on a regular basis. Their warranty covers your winch against ingress of these elements under normal use. They do exclude the use of high pressure jets on the winch, please do not waterblast your winch.

    How To Make A Warranty Claim

    The first step is to go through the Trouble Shoot Guide as the problem may be non-warranty related and easily resolved.

    If you are still having problems you can make a warranty claim by contacting Runva directly ( All warranties are handled by Runva directly. Should you require anything from us to assist please let us know.

    All our products ship free of charge!

    Estimated Shipping Times

    Please note these are estimates, and actual shipping times may vary depending on your location.

    QLDBrisbane1-2 business days
    QLD Regional3-4 business days
    NSW/ACTSydney2-3 business days
    NSW Regional3-4 business days
    VICMelbourne3-4 business days
    VIC Regional5-6 business days
    TASTasmania7-10 business days
    SAAdelaide5-6 business days
    SA Regional5-10 business days
    WAPerth5-7 business days
    WA Regional7-14 business days
    NTDarwin7-8 business days
    NT Regional10-14 business days

    We're incredibly proud to offer free shipping and insurance on almost everything in our store. Unfortunately there are some minor conditions. Australia is a huge continent and depending on your location, and product you're ordering, we may have to make some additional arrangements to get your item(s) to you, and depending on the distance and weight this may incur some shipping fees.

    We will always do our utmost best to ensure this doesn't happen but for very remote regions we unfortunately will sometimes have no choice. Should this nasty situation arise we will contact you immediately and discuss options. Should you not want to pay any additional fees we'll refund you in full.

    Orders are usually dispatched within 1 - 3 business days. Should there be any delays we will let you know immediately.

    In order to get your purchase to you as promptly and safely as possible we utilise a number of trusted and reputable courier services, including Star Track Express, Toll and Australia Post (depending on the item and your location). These delivery services should have your item delivered to your door within 3 - 10 working days depending on your location. In some cases where the address is based in the more remote parts of Australia this may take longer. Should the delivery time take longer than we would like we will let you know.

    As soon as the item has been shipped we will provide you with a tracking number which can be used to track your shipment. It will also give you an idea of exactly when to expect your item.

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    Please note that unfortunately we're unable to ship to PO Boxes (and/or Parcel Lockers). Please rather use a work address, or that of a friend, colleague or family member.

    Please feel free to contact us should you want to make alternate arrangements for delivery. We’re flexible and here to help.

    We are happy to ship overseas too! Please contact us with the item you wish to purchase and your details and we’ll provide a quote.


    WHAT can be returned?

    • Items which are received in a damaged condition.
    • Faulty products.
    • Incorrect items sent out by us.
    • Unopened packages within 30 days of purchase.

    WHEN do items need to be returned by?

    We need to be notified within 30 days of the customer receiving the item(s). We can then work out the best way to get the items back to our warehouse.

    HOW do customers return items?

Email your order number with details of your return to We will then be in touch to discuss your return.

    SHIPPING for returns

    We cover the freight on any damaged or faulty products, or incorrect items sent out by us. Should the return be due to change of mind the customer is responsible the cost of return freight.

    CREDIT for returns/refund

    We can either swap out any damaged or incorrect items with a new product or provide a refund. If it's a change of mind return or similar a re-packaging fee of up to 25% may be incurred. 

    UNOPENED Packages

    Unopened packages can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If it's a change of mind return or similar a re-packaging fee of up to 25% may be incurred. 

    OPENED Packages

    Opened products can be returned within 30 days of delivery. The return will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 35%, based on required cleaning, testing and repackaging required. 4x4 Down Under, its partners and suppliers reserve the right to reject returns of any products that they deem un-sellable upon inspection and testing (in which case the product will be returned to the customer at their expense).

    CANCELLED Orders

    We strive to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. If you cancel before dispatch we will refund you in full. If your order has been dispatched prior to you cancelling our standard return process will need to be followed.

    If you wish to cancel an order please email us at or phone us and provide your order number. We will let you know as soon as possible whether it was successful.

    INCORRECT Orders

    If we made a mistake with your order and sent you the wrong item please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll arrange to have the item collected and have the correct item sent (or provide a refund if you prefer).

    DAMAGED Products

    When taking collection of your order from the carrier, please inspect the goods prior to signing the delivery receipt. If the shipment is damaged and you sign the delivery receipt the onus falls on you to file a freight insurance claim.

    Should the product carton appear damaged in anyway please inform the driver and make a note on the carrier receipt “Potential Freight Damage”. This will help immensely should an insurance claim need to be filed.

    If it’s clear the package is damaged please REJECT the delivery, and contact us immediately.

    FAULTY Products

    If your product shows signs of being defective or faulty please contact us as soon as possible. These things can often be resolved over the phone. If the product is deemed faulty we will have it collected and dependent on the circumstances either have a new unit sent out to you, provide a full refund, or proceed with a warranty claim and repair.

    ★ Customer Reviews

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    185 reviews
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Great
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Arrived on time
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: GREAT
    Service Experience:
    Runva EWX9500-Q 12/24V
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: Excellent value only thing that’s disappointing is the wifi’s app doesn’t work
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: Excellent service , responded to all our inquiries
    Product Quality:
    Product Review: We have only used the fridge (60lt fridge/ freezer) once so far on a long weekend trip, so it hasn’t really been tested yet. But it has met our expectations so far.
    Service Experience:
    Shopping with 4x4 Down Under: 4x4 have provided the best costumer service I have received from an internet purchase.
    National Luna 60lt Fridge/Freezer